People in BlackThe PIB'S arrive in Park City, Utah for the best film festival of the year.

People in Black. The standard dress--film guide in one hand, cell phone jammed to ear with the other, trendy black clothing, cool glasses, and completely inappropriate shoes for our epic Utah snow.  Six feet of snow since Christmas!  Oh, season ski pass holders are very happy indeed! The slopes will be empty...and more snow is on the way!!

The worldwide exposure that Sundance Film Festival brings to bear on Park City, Utah is one of the many factors that have helped our town's phenomenal reputation.

What's not to love about Park City during Sundance!

Sundance Film FestivalSundance Film FestivalTickets to Sundance screenings on opening weekend are as scarce as prime dinner reservations but it gets easier after the weekend when the celebs jet off for warmer climes, ...need Sundance Tickets?

Park City is due near record cold temps the next couple nights and the possibility of a big snow storm on Sunday. How will the PIB's react?  Should be very fun to watch indeed!

The next ten days are some of the best parties, people watching, and worst traffic of the year in Park City, Utah.

Tune in for Sundance updates...

Nothing Hollywood presents can be nearly as amusing as watching Harvey Weinstein's assistants trying to wrangle young starlets up to his suite. The money in Vegas is on Harvey firing at least one assistant before he buys a film.

You just can't go out to dinner, show property, or drive anywhere in Park City during 10 days of Sundance...a small price to pay to work and live in 'the greatest place on earth'.

How does Sundance impact Park City Real Estate?