Exploring Deer Valley, Utah Condos For Sale

I toured clients three bedroom condos in Park City & Deer Valley, Utah last week. It was the first time this particulary family had looked at condos here in Park City although they do own time-shares in Park City already.

Like many of our clients, they want to take advantage of the buyer's market that Park City has become.

Inventory is up...

List prices are down...

For the first time in years, there are MOTIVATED SELLERS in Park City & Deer Valley Utah.

Three Reasons Why Today's Buyers Are Investing in Park City & Deer Valley Properties

1) They want a place for their family to gather and share good times

As adult children spread across the country it's great to have a central gathering place with convenient access from wherever your family ends up.

2) Confucious say: Your stocks may go to zero, but your home in Park City will not...

Take a look at real estate as an asset class compared to stocks, corporate bonds, etc... and you'll see that Park City & Deer Valley real estate has proved to be a sturdy investment.

Today's Park City & Deer Valley real estate buyers are looking to invest money in a more stable asset class than the roller coaster that is Wall Street... and who can fault them for that?!

If you're like many investors, you would be happy with a simple return of your investment these days, not a return on your investment!

3) Here's the big benefit of owning Deer Valley & Park City real estate...

You'll get to appreciate your asset while your asset appreciates.  How Fun is Your 401-k?

Back to the story about our Park City property tour...

Condos in Lower Deer Valley

We covered a lot of ground in three separate days of touring, but we spent much of our time in Lower Deer Valley which has a plethora of options in the three bedroom category.

Today's buyers in Deer Valley have a great opportunity to own a piece of Park City's Gold Coast for a significant discount over years past. Multiple listings in most of the complexes along the Deer Valley Loop, such as Fawngrove, Boulder Creek, Pinnacle, Portico, and Chapparal offer choices of floor plans, location and price points.

Park Meadows Offers More Square Feet for the Same Price as Lower Deer Valley

We also saw some three and four bedroom listings in Park Meadows neighborhoods like Four Lakes Village and Fairway Village which offer more square footage, great outdoor living and great views for similar prices as the Lower Deer Valley options.

The less convenient access to Park City's Historic Main Street and the free Park City bus system might discourage some families who want to rent their properties while they're not here enjoying them.

Warning: Don't Be Overwhelmed by all the Great Park City & Deer Valley Properties For Sale

You'll face an abundance of options, but don't let the variety of available inventory be an impediment!

It's a blessing...Chances are good you'll find a property that meets your requirements, and you won't need to win a bidding war with other buyers to acquire it for a compelling price!

The Evolution of a Park City Property Search

From the point when your search for Park City real estate begins, your conception of the type of properties that fit your criteria may evolve.

It may take some time and conversations with your family decision-making team to reconcile your contradicting perspectives...shocker!

We hear it over and over...how surprised our clients are with our casual no-pressure approach.

In these challenging times, you need a thoughtful and professional consultant to help you stay on target...not a desperate rookie who relies on high-pressure tactics and makes your exploration a miserable process.

Begin Your Park City & Deer Valley Real Estate Research Here

The bottom line is that the Park City & Deer Valley real estate market is a target rich environment for people looking to invest in the Park City lifestyle. The lifestyle and family-fun dividends you'll receive every day just might be more fun than looking at your retirement account statements...