Homes In Deer Valley, Utah Still Selling!

Deer Valley homes are still selling, in spite of the challenging economy.

What's interesting is that the demand in the marketplace for ultra-exclusive Ski-in/ski-out homes has remained strong, while homes with less convenient access are sitting on the market for long periods of time with relatively few sales.

Deer Valley Home Sales Prices Increasing--What's the Catch?

Deer Valley Home Sales

Deer Valley Home Sales Chart

If you look at average sales prices of homes sold in Deer Valley 2009 year to date, you might be surprised to see that the average sales price actually increased in 2009.

So far, 15 homes have sold 2009 YTD.

In a surprising statistic, 12 of the 15 were ski-in/ski-out properties!

Buyers of these properties are apparently much less impacted by the difficulty of the current lending environment.

The market for homes in Lower Deer Valley with no ski access has been minimal--only three such properties have sold so far.

Here's the good news about Deer Valley Homes...

There are some Deer Valley home sellers who NEED to sell.

They're past the point of waiting until they can get their optimal price.  We're even beginning to see a few foreclosures and short sales.

...But how do you know which ones are the best deals?

It's easy--just ask us!!!

If you have been waiting for a great deal on a Deer Valley home, now is the time to start throwing out some low offers to see who bites!

Please help us understand what type of home you're looking for, and we'll let you know as soon as any homes that meet your criteria hit the market.

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