Renting equipment should be an easy part of your ski trip, but it can be extremely frustrating if mishandled...

These Insider Secrets Will Save You Time and Hassle When You Rent Ski & Snowbaord Gear at Park City, Deer Valley, and The Canyons.

Ski Rentals In Park City, UtahIf you are renting from a shop try to make reservations in advance, especially for busy periods.

Many shops use databases to store your information, which can speed the process measurably. Try not to go when the store is very busy (ie 8:30-9:30 am), which may be difficult to accomplish, but worth the effort.

Pick up your skis the day you arrive. It's one less hurdle to clear the next morning when the shops are always busy!

Check out the demo skis and boards available to see if you can lease to own some new sticks. This is usually the newest technology and may give you the edge you need to keep up with your kids.

Also, prices at the on mountain shops are a little more than those a little further away, so you pay for the convenience of not schlepping gear a long way.

If you do not have the intestinal fortitude to go to the shop (and who can blame you) you can arrange for a professional equipment rental service to come to your hotel or condo and completely outfit your entire family. You will need to make reservations and give sizing information in advance. This is a great way to save time and energy and the cost is not too much more than going to the shop.

These companies are listed in the phone directory. I personally recommend Skis on the Run for reliable service.