Most Sundance Film Festival attendees are here in Park City for reasons that have nothing
to do with shopping for real estate...

It's a great week to watch movies, meet interesting and talented people from around the world, and hobnob with big shots from Hollywood, LA, and New York. 

Do Sellers of Park City real estate benefit from Sundance?

SundanceThe biggest benefit most sellers in Park City and Deer Valley, Utah enjoy is an opportunity to rent their properties for above-market rates for the ten days of the Sundance Film Festival. 

True, any exposure is better than no exposure, but Sellers shouldn't get their hopes up that the buyer for their property will appear during the festival.  The likelihood is slim because most hotel and lodging beds are filled with festival-goers, not skiers and prospective investors.  True, some festival goers are flush with cash, but they're not necessarily in the market to buy...

Park City buyers struggle to tour properties... 

For the few people in town this week who are interested in real estate, the Sundance Film Festival can be a big challenge.  Nearly every rental property in Park City is booked for the festival.  Visitors paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars per night for their lodging don't want to open their homes and condos for real estate agents and prospective buyers to tour.  Would you?

The energy in Park City is fantastic during Sundance

Attending the Sundance Film Festival is a great time to enjoy one of the annual highlights of life in Park City, but it's certainly not an accurate representation of what life in Park City is really like during the rest of the year.   

Drink an extra Red Bull, espresso, or whatever else causes your adrenaline level to redline.  You'll need it, as the nightlife continues until the sun rises, people-watching is never more entertaining, and you can catch a quick nap between films.

Sundance Attire--Dress for Success