Every one of our clients who scored amazing deals on Park City Utah real estate over the past year used one of these five strategies to successfully beat other smart investors to the best deals.

Park City Real Estate Guide's Success Strategy #1: 
Write an Offer on Properties Owned by Desperate Sellers

We get emails every week from readers of our blog wondering which sellers are the most desperate, need out, are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, etc. 

Some sellers advertise their motivation with shocking low list prices.  And these properties sell quickly.  These are the low-hanging fruit, and you better be watching the MLS on a daily basis (or hire us to watch it for you) if you want to grab one of these obvious winners.

But this strategy doesn't always uncover the BEST PARK CITY DEALS.   How to you find the less obvious bargains?

Park City Real Estate Guide's Success Strategy #2:
Write Offers on Foreclosures & Bank Owned Properties

Everybody wants to buy a foreclosure these days.   But don't fall into the trap of assuming that this is your only way to grab a super Park City home or condo at a below-market price.  This common Park City buyer mistake could actually cost you money. 

True, banks are in the business of liquidating properties these days, and some of our clients have found smokin' deals on bank-owned properties.  If you have cash that you're ready to invest, this can be an outstanding strategy, but it's not the only play in our playbook.

Park City Real Estate Guide's Success Strategy #3:  Write an Offer on a "Short Sale"

Like the first two strategies, this one works too.  Don't be attached to any specific time frame, because this process could take months.  It's not hard, it just takes patience and know-how, which we can share with you.

So if you don't care if you own a Park City property this year or next, and you don't need a loan to make a deal work, this could be the strategy for you. 

But it might not be the best way for you...or even the best deal!

Park City Real Estate Guide's Success Strategy #4:  
Write an Offer on Properties Where Sellers have Equity to Spare

Most buyers overlook this most effective strategy.  They're so focused on chasing short sales, competing with other buyers for foreclosures, and waiting for a well-priced property to hit the MLS that they miss some of the best properties--at the best prices--in the Park City & Deer Valley marketplace.

Buying a property from a billionaire who no longer needs a condo in Deer Valley for whatever reason isn't such a bad idea. 

They can afford to sell, they want to sell, and you can structure these types of deals on time-frames that work for you.  You're free from all the hassles and heartburn of dealing with banks who ignore your offers.

Park City Real Estate Guide's Success Strategy #5:  The ULTIMATE Success Strategy

Have you noticed the pattern yet? 

In order to get a great deal, write offers. 

Yes.  It is that easy! 

We'll find out soon enough...

  • Which sellers are indeed desperate to sell
  • Which banks want the property off their books this month
  • Which lenders will accept partial payoffs
  • Which sellers can actually afford to sell

BONUS TIP: Don't trust wimpy order-takers to manage your investment process. 

Securing the best properties at the best prices requires tenacity, determination, and experience during the negotiation process.  We write lots of offers--we're efficient and strategic about the process.  

We've had offers ignored, shreadded, spit on, torn-up, and rejected.  But we don't care...because we've gotten a lot of them accepted too! 

When you work with us, you won't wonder if you could have gotten the property for less.

You don't need to be here in town--we can handle all the paperwork via email or fax.  We'll take as much time as you need to feel comfortable with us and the process during the first go-around, and then on subsequent offers we'll work together like a well-oiled machine.

If you have been researching Park City or Deer Valley real estate from afar...

And you recognize the signs that the market is turning...

And you're finally ready to stop dreaming about owning a Park City property and ready to make it happen...

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