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The Silver Strike Auction and post-auction Deer Valley Condo Fire-Sale in Empire Pass revived the ski-in/ski-out Deer Valley condo market like a turbo-charged defibrillator!

Smart developers jumped on the bandwagon...

...And reacted decisively to the auction-level pricing, including Flagstaff and Lookout at Deer Valley.

Lookout at Deer Valley Home Auction This Weekend

Do you remember the last time you could find new-construction in Deer Valley for under $300 per square foot?

It's been about 20 years...but now you can grab one of these gorgeous homes at a shocking low prices:


Lookout Deer Valley Auction Process: Quick & Easy

Buying a Deer Valley home doesn't get any easier than this...

There's no need to invest the time and hassle to fly to Deer Valley and get caught in auction hype!

Simply submit your bid via email or in person.

It's a no-risk, sealed-bid, "best & final" offer opportunity for you to purchase a premier Deer Valley home at a price that YOU determine, not the seller.

Deer Valley Home Auction Minimum Bids


No bids below the minimum bid will be considered, and homes will be offered without furniture. Furniture packages are available for your convenience after the auction.

Want to Bid on Lookout Deer Valley Auction Homes?

Please complete the form below, and we'll immediately send you an official bid form, along with a broker referral form.

Lookout at Deer Valley Home Auction: No Risk Bidding

You don't even need to submit an earnest money deposit to submit a bid!

Lookout Deer Valley Auction Process

If your bid is the winning bid, we'll complete a purchase contract within 48 hours of your bid's acceptance, and you'll wire a 5% earnest money deposit.

You'll close on the acquisition of your new Deer Valley home within 30 days, if you bid on one of the 5 completed homes.

Custom Deer Valley Homes At Auction Prices?

Two of the homes (#29 and #30) are completed exterior home shells, awaiting your vision!

You get to choose the cabinets, floors, paint colors, etc.  Note:  these properties have some of the best and most-unobstructed mountain and forest views in the entire 44 acre neighborhood!

And you won't need to pay the entire purchase price until construction of the home is complete!

Lookout Auction Time-line

The developer's plan is to have sold all 7 of the homes by Sunday night, March 28th. Yes...just 72 hrs from now.

We visited the properties earlier today, and they have already received bids on many of the homes.

Sorry, this isn't one of those opportunities you can sit back and chew on for months before you make a decision. But don't worry, we will make the process easy for you every step of the way!

Please complete the above form, and we'll expedite your bid process.

Lookout Deer Valley Auction Seller Disclosures Available NOW

We can send you an online link to all of the Seller Disclosure documents, so it's not impossible for you to make an informed decision, even with so little time for research.

Contact Us About the Lookout Deer Valley Home Auction

If you want to speak with us immediately, please call 435-640-1854 and we'll answer all of your questions.