Warning: If you are looking for the Park City MLS... Be sure you're using the live feed!

On October 28th 2008, the Park City Board of Realtors changed MLS providers. Here's why you should care...

Most of the real estate agents in town barely know how to use the new Park City MLS, much less update all of the links on their websites to pull current data using the new feed.

A Shocking Park City MLS Discovery

We got a call from a seller client yesterday asking why the listing price on her home was not correctly listed on the MLS...

Turns out her home's information was correct on the live feed of the MLS Park City Utah, but she was looking at one of our competitor's sites!  It might take months before the poor agent even realizes that they're still displaying listings from October 2008.

Here's the link to the NEW Park City MLS search page.

We hope this helps!