Despite Popular Misconceptions About Utah, Park City Has World-Class Restaurants, a Vibrant Nightlife, and a Great Music Scene.

Apres Ski CartoonVisit the hottest little ski town in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains and you may not want to return home!  Traffic and crummy weather are highly over-rated, don't you think?

Nightlife in Park City get started early and ends early by most standards. Bars stop serving at 1am , but the party starts early--while the lifts are still running.

Where is the best Apres Ski scene in Park City & Deer Valley? 

After a great day on the slopes, you need a spot to kick back, relax, and re-group for the evening ahead.  There's a wide variety to weigh, so here are some options...

A taste of the award winning fondue in the bar at Stein Eriksen Lodge feels like a mini-European vacation.  

One too many frothy Stigels at the Goldner Hirsh Inn, and you'll be ready for a yodeling contest with the ski instructor sitting at the table sitting next to you.

At O'Shucks on Historic Main Street, you can order Schooners (huge vessels that require both hands to hoist the mighty drink) of beer, and patrons toss empty peanut shells on the floor. 

At Talisker's Tower Club in The Village at Empire Pass, club members lounge in oversized chairs in front of the massive stone fireplace, and sample delictable items off the après ski menu.  Kids have their own clubhouse area downstairs for supervised arts, crafts, and games.

Most of Park City's nightclubs are found on Historic Main Street.  Harry O's attracts top name performers year-round.  The No Name Saloon, The Spur, and The Sidecar are other popular hangouts for locals and visitors alike.

Après Ski is More Than a Warm-up For Evening in Park City...

Park City apres ski quote

Après ski is under appreciated for the wealth of opportunities it presents. 

"I have witnessed the birth (and sometimes the consummation and break up) of torrid affairs, reunions of long lost friends/lovers/enemies, business deals struck and abandoned, and ugly hands of credit card roulette." says a longtime Park City bartender

Après Ski timing is critical.  You don't want to be uncomfortable in your ski boots and wet ski clothes, but going home to shower may keep you from getting the right spot at the right time. 

Your best bet is to change your clothes (at least your shoes) and secure your skis in overnight ski storage facilities at hotels, resorts or in your vehicle.  Otherwise, you may still be in your ski boots when you try to dance with that cute skier that has been flirting with you from the next table.   

Find a place with good music, food and the right mix of people.  Be sure to drink extra water at our high-elevation resorts and do not overindulge early. 

One more thing...Get there before 5pm.  

PS Be nice to your server as you may want to come back the next day--if you leave at all.

Happy Après!