Utah's Olympic Park in Park City, Utah

At the Olympic Park in Park City Utah average citizens get to experience the life of an Olympian.

You can experience riding behind an Olympian driving a bobsled at 70 miles an hour through the twists and turns of the Olympic track. This is not for the faint of heart or anyone pregnant or with back problems. It is however, completely fantastic, a once in a lifetime experience.

ski jumperOther adventures at the Park include the chance to ride on the ‘steepest zip line in the United States' or ride the chairlift to the top of the Nordic ski jumps.

Utah's Olympic Park offers camps to train tomorrow's athletes today. Even if you are in town for just a couple of days you may have the chance to participate in a ‘Learn to Fly Camp' which could have you launching yourself into the air with skis on, planning on landing in a pool!

The two museums at Olympic Park are interesting and educational and the ‘Big Air Shows' on Saturdays during the summer season allow the armchair athletes to vicariously enjoy the thrill of flying fifty feet in the air and splashing into a pool wearing skis.

The Olympic Park in Park City, Utah offers spectacular entertainment for the whole family. Weather, age and weight restrictions affect all activities so visit the Olympic Park website http://www.olyparks.com/