Wow!  We got such a great response from our auction update a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks to all of our readers for your inquiries.

In fact, Greg's out touring today with some buyers who passed on the auction and felt they could get better deals elsewhere in our market, which may be true...

Park City Auction Results

The Park City auction went about as well as expected.  More than half of the Park City & Deer Valley auction properties had interest at the auction--18 of the 30 properties received bids.

The prospective buyers, sellers, and auction facilitators are now in the process of converting the winning bids into actual purchase contracts.  We'll keep you posted as the sales close in the weeks ahead.

Park City Real Estate Auction Compared to National Benchmarks?

The national average for real estate auctions is that about 37 % of the properties sell.

So far, Park City has been even more successful than that, with 100% of the Silver Strike Deer Valley auction condos sold, and 50% of the Lookout Deer Valley Auction properties sold, about 35% of the Westgate condos sold.

Crazy Good Deals on Park City Real Estate?

We shared How To Get a Great Deal on Park City Real Estate in a recent post, in case you missed that...

If you have been watching Park City real estate from afar and you would like a little personalized help sorting out the great deals from the rest, give us a call today (Toll Free 800-485-0218)  and we'll point you in the right direction!