Park City Real Estate Market Improving...

But don't take our word for it...see for yourself!

  • The number of active listings is down, as is the number of months of supply
  • Number of transactions is up more than 100% Y2Y, especially for homes and condos
  • Dollar volume sold is up
  • Notices of Defaults & Foreclosures down
  • Higher percentage of listings selling
  • Median prices level for 4 consecutive months

Park City Real Estate Absorption Rate

park_city_real_estate_sales_absorptionThe Park City housing market's absorption rate has fallen for the seventh month in a row.

This key measure estimates how long it will take a house to sell.  The current rate is 27.29 months of supply, down from a high of 41.26 months of supply in August 2009.

What has been a strong buyer's market over the past year could be moving back towards a more balanced market.

Could the window of optimal opportunity for buyers be closing?

Park City Foreclosures Drop

park_city_utah_foreclosures_first_quarter_2010In the first quarter of 2010, the number of foreclosures in Summit County dropped 40% from the 4th quarter of 2009.

The number of Notices of Default also dropped, which is a leading indicator that the number of foreclosures will continue to decrease during the second quarter of 2010.

Park City Utah Real Estate Unit Sales Volume Up

The number of properties sold during the first quarter of 2010 was up nearly 100% Y2Y, with 325 closed sales.


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