Good thing I dodged the road closure last week caused by the presidential motorcade! It was quite a scene along Kearns Blvd, where Marine One--the President's Helicopter--landed near the Treasure Mountain Middle School in Park City Wednesday afternoon.

President Bush was Greeted by a Mixed Crowd in Park City, Utah

President Bush in Park City, UtahCrowds lined the presidential motorcade route. Many cheered and gave the President the "Thumbs-Up" as the motorcade passed, but others held signs and flipped the President "The Bird" for his unpopular policies.

The motorcade traveled to Stein Eriksen Lodge, where the presidential entourage occupied 60 hotel rooms for the night.

Former presidential hopeful and 2002 Winter Olympic chief Mitt Romney hosted an exclusive $35,000 per person fundraiser for the Republican Party at his exclusive Deer Valley home.

Park City, Utah is Poplar Fundraising Stop

The deep pockets of Park City and Deer Valley residents has made Park City a vital stop on the campaign trail...and not just for the republicans!

Democratic candidates also made stops in Park City to raise campaign funds. 

Within the past few months, both Senator Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton were in town raising money.

US Presidents Love Park City For Business and Pleasure

President Bush is the second Consecutive President to visit Park City, Utah while in office.

Former President Bill Clinton and his family visited Park City twice during his secong term for winter ski vacations.

Park City is a Magnet for High-Profile Visitors

Indeed, for a small town, Park City draws high-profile visitors. Tiger Woods was just here for a recent knee surgery, and basketball legend Michael Jordan recently purchased a home in the area.

A-list celebrities descend on Park City during the Sundance Film Festival every January.

Park City & Summit County Taxpayers Get Stuck with the Bill!

Police Chief Lloyd Evans said Thursday night the Police Department probably spent between $10,000 and $20,000 protecting the president on the overnight trip, as police officers logged overtime shifts for traffic control and motorcade security.

The Summit County Sheriff's Office, also amassed about $30,000 in additional security expenses during the visit.

The federal government does not refund the Police Department for the costs, meaning local governments will pay the tab from its regular, taxpayer-funded budget.