You can get a drink in Utah!

The liquor laws may seem foreign to most people not from Utah, but if you can navigate them with the help of the Park City Guru, you can enjoy yourself immensely in this picturesque ski town.

Your server in any establishment will try to make it easy on you to keep legal and happy, but there is a large difference in how you can drink depending on the license of the establishment, which is either a restaurant liquor licensee or a private club.

You cannot get served hard liquor until noon except at the airport, though domestic 3.2 beer can be served as early as 10am

Private clubs are the bars in Utah; to drink there you must join the club.

Usually this is accomplished by paying a nominal fee for a temporary membership, which should cover you for your stay.
You can sit at the bar in a club and can actually get a ‘double' by asking for a ‘sidecar' of the main liquor in your cocktail. This shot will be poured separately and has to be added into your drink by you.

Some bars and restaurants have the ability to serve their patrons alcohol when they are dining through the restaurant liquor license. If you are in this type of establishment, you must demonstrate your ‘intent to dine'.
The ‘intent to dine' can be inferred by asking for a menu and is usually enough to allow you to buy one round at a restaurant, though your server may require you to order some food on your second round. Often they have a menu item that covers the legality for just a few dollars.
The servers will be fastidious in not serving you more than one drink at a time, though wine at a dinner table is a little more relaxed. You cannot get a ‘sidecar' in these establishments.

Liquor stores are run by the state and are closed on Sundays. There is a small store on main street of Park City, and a very large one at the Snow Creek marketplace across from the supermarket.