If you have been waiting for the Park City market to bottom out so you can buy your dream home, condo, or land, it is time to recognize the reality of what is happening all around Park City. This market is heating up...

Inventory is being snapped up by savvy buyers, at great prices, and is not being replaced. Many of these great deals have been distressed sales, or simply very motivated sellers, but the buyer's advantage in Park City may be nearing its end.

  • In Hidden Meadows, Deer Valley, there are only 2 homes on the market today...and 5 sales over the past year.
  • In The Colony at White Pine Canyon, inventory was reduced by more than 42% in the past 120 days.
  • At Promontory, there is less than one year of supply of available lots for sale after more than 70 parcels sold in the past 12 months.  See below...

How much more evidence you need that many neighborhoods in Park City have hit the bottom and prices will turn around soon?

Pre-Foreclosure Notice of Defaults and Trustee sales are down markedly in Summit County, Utah.

That is not to say there will not be more foreclosure properties that come to market, but they will be fewer in number and the competition for them will be greater. Already this year we have seen numerous multiple offer scenarios on bank owned properties as soon as they hit the market.

If you are not actively following the market; or, more importantly, don't have a local real estate agent working for you, you frankly do not have a chance of scoring the great deal you are dreaming about because the competition is too fierce for the best deals.

One telling example of the change in our market that began last year and is really manifesting itself now is at Promontory.

Promontory: From 'REO Row' to 'Picked Over'

promontory-foreclosure-homeThis luxury golf course development has been through well documented travails in the past, however, the jokes of a couple years ago regarding inventory there are long forgotten. The future is bright and the days of buying homes for pennies on the dollar there are numbered. Bank owned inventory is down to its lowest level in years, with just a couple bank controlled properties now on the market!

In 2010, there were 53  homes and 71 lots sold in Promontory. Thus far in 2011, there have been 17 homes sold or pended (eleven of those in the past 30 days!) and more than 40 lots have sold or pended.  That leaves less than a year's supply of homes and lots in this exclusive area, representing a staggering change in the market dynamic there. Indeed, the price of homes is rising, despite the sale of many bank owned properties

A membership drive offering incentives available through the end of April 2011 (call us for details) and a forthcoming new clubhouse are adding value, convincing more and more buyers that the time is now to pursue the dream of owning a piece of this world class resort community.

Park City  2011  Looking ahead to a Seller's Market

Other neighborhoods and areas in and around Park City have similar story lines, while there is still plenty of inventory overall, properties are selling every day, the best deals are going quickly, and there are fewer distressed properties to put pressure on other sellers to reduce their prices. Eventually, the advantage buyers have now will shift back to sellers

This year could very well be the turning point in Park City...what are you waiting for?

Allow us to help you achieve your goals. Call or email us today and tell us what you are looking for in a Park City and we will help you make it a reality.