Mistake #1: Wrong Location...Inferior Ski Access

Colony Ski Home With Perfect Ski AccessIf you have the capacity to own a home anywhere, why would you compromise the convenience of ski access?   

When you're searching for the right ski home for your family, don't buy a ski home first and later learn the truth later that your ski access is an icy luge run down a steep hill into your ski room--or even worse--an exhausting crawl uphill to start your ski day. 

The perfect ski home has gentle ski access that allows beginners and skiers of all ages to easily and painlessly access the ski runs.

See how easy the ski access is in the photo to the right?  A level approach through an open glade of aspens provides easy ski-in access.  A gently sloping downhill ski-out makes for an easy traverse back onto the run for skiers and snowboarders alike. 

Beware the marketing liberties often taken by over-eager real estate agents--not all ski access is created equal! 

Deer Valley Real Estate GuideUnfortunately, you can't trust some money-grubbing developers either. 

We know of one development in Deer Valley currently marketing $5-8 Million homes for sale as ski-in/ski-out that actually require a pretty hefty walk before you're skiing. 

Think about all the kids' skis & poles you'll be carrying too!

We recognized this potential consumer trap years ago, so we began publishing the Deer Valley Real Estate Guide.

The Deer Valley Real Estate Guide gives potential owners the no-fluff reality about neighborhood ski access in all of Deer Valley's nooks and crannies.

Mistake #2: Buy a Ski Home at the Wrong Ski Resort

Not all ski areas are created equal.   Most areas allow snowboarders, but others--like Deer Valley and Alta ski areas in Utah--prohibit snowboarding on their mountains. 

Let's face it--your own generation may prefer skiing to snowboarding, but your kids and grand-kids may very well want to try snowboarding one of these years. 

Snowboarding in The ColonyDon't bother trying to deny it...

The younger generation is much more likely to watch The Winter X Games that begin today, than a re-run of your old favorite "Aspen Extreme" that's frankly not so extreme by today's standards! 

Can you dispute the excitement and awe of the death-defying tricks these airborne adrenaline junkies inspire on their snowmobiles, in the terrain park, and in the half-pipe?

The biggest benefit of owning a Park City ski home at either Park City Mountain Resort or The Canyons Resort is "choice." 

Your family and guests will know no boundaries when it comes to which type of boards to strap on...  If you own a home in The Colony, you can even switch from skis to a snowboards after lunch, thanks to your enviable slope-side location.

Have you thought about how your resort location impacts your exit strategy--the part about not restricting the possible future buyers of your home to elitist skiers only? 

What about your future buyer's desire to live on a mountain where their kids and grand-kids can snowboard?

Mistake #3: Buy the Wrong Home

Perfect Floor PlanWith real estate markets around the country in turmoil and properties taking longer to sell, your investment can be safer by purchasing a ski home that appeals to the maximum number of buyers.

What do Park City Ski Home Buyers Want?

Vacation homes are a great way for friends and families to reconnect away from the grind of daily life.  

When you're living in your ski home, you'll certainly want an open floor plan that allows for open lines of communication, both visual and auditory. 

See how this home (above photo) in The Colony boasts a spacious designer kitchen that's open to the great room and dining room?  You'll also want to have additional gathering areas for larger groups of people, like a downstairs hearth room with bar...

Equally important is a home that allows for privacy from others in the home.  

You'll want a master suite where you can sneak away with your spouse and enjoy some peace and quiet.  Ideal master bedroom locations don't share walls or floor with any other bedroom suites for maximum privacy.

Amenities separate the best homes from the rest...

Park City wine celarWhat distinguishes one luxurious ski home from another?

  • A well-organized ski prep room keeps dozens of gloves, hats, and goggles neat and tidy
  • State-of-the-art electronics, climate, and security systems increase convenience and safety
  • A professional quality home theatre & multi-media room brings movies and sports to life
  • Home offices in discrete locations allow you to attend to important business uninterrupted 
  • Wine cellars insure special bottles are property stored for maximum drink-ability